Dream Crusher Page 3

Sorry this one came up after lunch, having issues with our internet at home.

Anyways here is an update on things to come…

Aubrey is sitting down and writing more of Rabzilla’s Origin.

I have more Dream Crusher for you still to come.

I have been going crazy designing t-shirts for Teefury and Threadless.

And even though I am no longer designing costumes for theatre I am in tech for a show at the college that I work at. Now I read this play in college (Proof is the name of the show) and was bored out of my mind. It’s about math…well its about family but they are all mathematicians. But seeing it live yesterday during tech is so much better than reading it. Our actors are giving you raw emotion on stage, and the show brings you to tears as you watch a daughter loose her father and than her mind.

So if you are in the Kirtland Ohio area this weekend come and check out the play at Lakeland C.C.

Now onto something new and or the same. We are still moving everything from the past 2 years over to the new site. We are also still working out the final bugs and kinks. So stick around and you will see all the great things we have in store for you.