May I Help You?


Inspired by the events that happen most of the time at the grocery store.

Why is it that almost all stores that have the self check out lines only have one person on an actual register that is working? And they have a line that stretches all the way back to the dairy section? Well it may be because no one likes to use a computer that talks to you in a know it all tone. Can they make those things any more annoying?

“Please place your item in the bag.”

No shit, I would have however not wasted the plastic to carry out my drink, seeing as how once I exit the store I will be drinking it. And it never fails to have that item that doesn’t scan, or better yet have something with alcohol in it. Than you are waiting for hours to see that slow moving 85 year old woman to walk over to swipe her card for you. Or you get the 45 year old woman who would rather be a lunch lady, that looks at you like you have taken her away from world problems, just so you can get your Banana Bread Beer.

Seriously I am glad they have them but please, PLEASE, have a person available or persons. There are allot of people who would like the job at the register than sitting at home looking for work.